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Wildpitch Data Services

Wildpitch Data Services offer a comprehensive range of flexible IT services for any size of business based primarily within the Norfolk and Suffolk area.
“Working together as part of your team”
Wildpitch Remote Support

Welcome to WildPitch data services

Wildpitch Data Services offer a comprehensive range of flexible IT services for small to medium sized businesses based primarily within the Norfolk and Suffolk area.

Based in Norwich, Great Yarmouth, and Lowestoft but operating as far north as Aberdeen, as far south as Dorset and overseas in Esbjerg (Denmark), we strive to ensure that our clients get the very best from their IT systems at all times.

Our philosophy is to work together with our clients so that we effectively become ‘one of the team’. This enables our clients to focus on the running of their business, whilst having complete confidence in us taking care of their IT requirements.

In fact, the majority of all of our clients are introduced to us via recommendations from our existing clients, a true testament of our knowledge, experience, ability and reputation.


Paul Frosdick of Wildpitch Data Services was recommended to me by a friend when our previous supplier was not performing. Wildpitch took over from a previous supplier in a seamless fashion and with minimal disruption to our services. Wildpitch have been fantastic when dealing with our previous supplier and made the transition without the need of my input.

Since using Wildpitch our systems have been fantastic and if any issue arises the team are very quick to resolve the problem and with little hassle or downtime to our services. Wildpitch often work out of hours to ensure system updates are performed with no disruption to normal course of business.

I would recommend Paul and Wildpitch without hesitation.

– Antony Antorkas

Director, Parker Andrews

Paul Frosdick of Wildpitch Data Services was recommended to me by a client when we outgrew our previous support provider. The transition by Wildpitch was managed seamlessly and with no disruption to our business and in parallel they were also responsible for the technical aspects to our office move which went extremely smoothly and exceeded our expectations.

Since we have been using Wildpitch Data Services our systems have been brilliant and if any issue does arise Wildpitch are very quick to resolve the problem, due to the nature of our business much of their work is done outside of the regular day to keep disruption to a minimum.

I would recommend Paul and the Wildpitch team without hesitation.

– Mark Noakes

Managing Director, Aston Shaw

Wildpitch Data Services (WDS) provide a first class professional IT support service at all times. We rely on the robust IT infrastructure implemented by WDS, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone.

– Graham Hacon

Managing Director, 3Sun Ltd.

WDS have provided a full IT development and support service for our business for over ten years. Our systems have run seamlessly throughout and when we have needed to deal with the occasional issue the response time has been exemplary. Keep it going chaps!

– Jon Dodge

Founder, JDC Corporate Finance

Communications are absolutely critical when operating ships in the North Sea. WDS provide us with a professional support service, both locally and overseas, and we are always willing to assist with any IT projects or issues, no matter how diversified.

– John Taylor

Vessel Country Manager , Stimwell Services